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Since 1776, Philadelphia has existed in the shadows of New York City & Washington D.C. Counted out and overlooked, Philadelphians turn to football as a way to let out their frustration. After 58 years of coming up short, a Super Bowl title has become Philly’s holy grail. What started out as the most promising year in decades, the 2017 season quickly unraveled with the season-ending injury of their MVP quarterback. With the deck stacked against them, an “underdog” city bands together and puts their faith in an unlikely backup. From throwing snowballs at Santa Claus to having a jail in their stadium, this fanbase has earned their title of “worst in the NFL”. Maybe Next Year peels back the veil and offers an intimate look at the lives of four very different and very dedicated Eagles fans, unified by their commitment to family, unwavering passion, and the common dream of becoming Super Bowl Champions. Eagles fans paint their own portrait of what brotherly love truly means in the best comeback sports story in years.

  • Year
  • Runtime
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Kyle Thrash
  • Producer
    W. Ian Ross, Joe Plummer
  • Filmmaker
    Kyle Thrash