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此為免費特備影片。在你解鎖影片後,你需要在 14 日內或電影節的最後一天(即 7 月 6 日)前觀看影片(以較早時間為限)。

(例:若你在 6 月 23 日或之前解鎖影片,你將有 14 日時間開始觀看;如果你在 7 月 1 日才解鎖影片,你需在 7 月 6 日或之前開始觀看。)


請留意:按Watch Now(立即觀看)後,你需於 48 小時內將影片看完。而在此 48 小時內,你可以無限次收看影片。 


“The Journey” presents a fictional story of a young woman forced to flee her country to escape violence. As gunfire erupts, she takes off through dusty roads wearing flip-flops. After a dangerous journey by land and sea to reach safety, she endures challenges as a refugee in a strange country, before finding purpose through sport.

  • Runtime
    2 minutes
  • Language
    中文, English