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在你解鎖電影後,你需要在 14 日內或電影節的最後一天(即 7 月 6 日)前觀看電影(以較早時間為限)。

(例:若你在 6 月 23 日或之前解鎖電影,你將有 14 日時間開始觀看;如果你在 7 月 1 日才解鎖電影,你需在 7 月 6 日或之前開始觀看。)


請留意:按Watch Now(立即觀看)後,你需於 48 小時內將電影看完。而在此 48 小時內,你可以無限次收看電影。 



We Are Not Princesses is a documentary film about the incredible strength and spirit of four Syrian women living as refugees in Beirut, Lebanon as they come together to tell their stories of love, loss, pain and hope through the ancient Greek play, Antigone.

In the theatre, these Syrian women refugees find community and way to process their trauma as a result of the ongoing conflict in Syria. These resilient, intelligent, articulate women are picking up the pieces of their lives and moving forward together. This film uses intimate footage and animation to follow how this group of women find laughter and purpose as they come together to perform the play.

  • Runtime
    75 minutes
  • Language
    Arabic, English, 中文字幕
  • Director
    Itab Azzam, Bridgette Auger
  • Producer
    Sara Maamouri