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Four people from different places tell us their real experiences that are unimaginable to everyone.

"I had a baby with me, my son was always on my mind. It’s true we suffered in the desert but a person can overcome that," said Safiya from Syria.

"When the boat overturned, I fell onto the engine. My hair was caught in the propeller, but I got free," recalled Maryam, who fled from danger in Somalia.

"There were two sick children and they didn't get any medicine or anything. Their mother was crying and pleading, just take me back to Cairo!" Omar from Yemen still remembered.

"There comes a time if you’re a young woman, in your early twenties, when you start maturing... But it's very painful to get circumcised...I was planning to run//away to avoid this thing," said Franca, from Nigeria.

  • Runtime
    33 minutes
  • Language
    Pidgin, Somali, Arabic, English, 中文字幕