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有天,全球其中一所知名體育學院Aspire Academy來到約旦,為即將在多哈舉行的國際足球比賽選拔球員。學院很快便發現了Mahmoud的運動天賦,誠邀他到多哈參加比賽。然而因為某些技術細節,Fawzi未獲選上。Mahmoud首次乘坐飛機,踏上實現夢想的第一步;而Fawzi卻只能留在紮亞特里難民營,繼續面對殘酷的現實。

出乎意料,Aspire Academy的教練後來決定邀請Fawzi加入團隊。情同兄弟的兩人再次相逢,一起接受專業訓練及出征人生中最重要的足球比賽。他們的家人在紮亞特里難民營,透過衛星電視轉播見證這光輝的時刻。比賽過後,兩兄弟在記者招待會發言。他們代表所有敍利亞流離失所者發聲,表明他們都只需要機會重生,而非別人的同情。


Mahmoud and Fawzi have been living in the Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan. Though they both have no sense of what the future holds for them, they focus their energy together on their first love: soccer. Despite the dire circumstances in the camp, they practice day in and day out, believing firmly that playing professionally is their ticket to freedom.

When Aspire Academy, one of the world’s leading sports academies, arrives to pick players for an international tournament in Doha, they quickly identify Mahmoud as a talent and fly him there, while Fawzi is left behind due to a technicality. Mahmoud is boarding a plane for the first time and is taking in the experience, while Fawzi is facing the difficult reality in Zaatari.

Unexpectedly, the Aspire coaches decide to fly Fawzi in to join his team. The two best friends train and compete in the most important soccer matches of their lives, while their families in Zaatari watch via satellite. After the final match, they speak at a press conference. On behalf of the displaced people of Syria, they make clear that people need an opportunity, not pity. Three years later they grew to young men. They are still stuck in Zaatari, still troubled by fears of an insecure future.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    73 minutes
  • Language
    繁體中文及英文字幕, Traditional Chinese and English subtitles, Arabic, English, Spanish
  • Director
    Ali El Arabi