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1000 Kings

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1000 Kings is set in a vast, digital space, populated with 1000 beings all of whom are wrapped in shawls and cauls, and often move with a strange solemnity, creating a profound sense of religious symbolism.

These figures appear to exist as a kind of quasi-human beehive, collectively living in a crypto-Euclidean digital dreamscape, a shifting universe that forms the location for this luminescent, colour-rich, experimental film.

There are parts of 1000 Kings that seem to form a quasi-spiritual science fiction where choral music, archaic symbolism, foundation mythologies, colour theory, slowly transforming geometric abstraction, and narrative structure combine and play, creating a unique cinema.

Psychedelic music is the thing - try some psychedelic cinema to go with it. Quite simply one of the strangest, most contemplative films we’ve seen for a long time. 

  • Year
  • Runtime
    90 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Premiere
  • Rating
    Unclassified 15+
  • Director
    Bidzina Kanchaveli
  • Producer
    Pierre Durst
  • Cast
    Effi Rabsilber, Helma Fries
  • Cinematographer
    Patrick Popow