Revelation Perth International Film Fest: Couched

Experimental Short Film Showcase #1: The Medium is the Message

Expired July 19, 2020 3:45 PM
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These short experimental works examine form, structure, and material. 

Anthology For Fruits and Vegetables

Australian Premiere

Dir: Dawn George / Canada / 2019 / 15mins

The secret energies of 26 fruits and vegetables are communicated through 16mm film stock with the assistance of eco-developing and eco-reversal processing techniques.

Transgression of Light

World Premiere

Dir: Arto Vaun / Armenia / 2017 / 13mins

Filmed mostly on an iPhone, the eerie, beguiling landscape of Armenia serves as the backdrop in this experimental short that fuses original and ancient poetry and song to explore questions of time, space, language, and memory. 

To All Those

Australian Premiere

Dir: Josh Weissbach / 2020 / USA / 6mins

A city symphony in miniature, dedicated to anyone who has gotten lost in thought while stuck on the midwinter train. to all that unfolds in those private reveries.

Window Works

Australian Premiere

Dir: Edwin Miles / UK / 2020 / 10mins

A short journey around a block of flats in South London summons a meditation on person and place, home and displacement, family and memory.

Mass For Shut-Ins

Dir: Gwendolyn Audrey Foster / USA / 2020 / 8mins

A fever dream. An infinitely morphing kaleidscopic stained glass window; bells that remind me of the sounds of Amsterdam, my second home after New York. Frantic REM sleep kicks in around 5 minutes...

Wave Form

World Premiere

Dir: Tiz / Canada / 2020 / 8mins

WAVE FORM explores movie viewing, sharing, and making as a means of confronting the experience of mental illness. It illuminates the sustaining, transformative powers of film by transforming a variety of “waves” from cinematic history—ocean waves, waving hands, waves of soldiers—through the luma waveform scope, a technical feature of movie editing software.

Noisy, Violent, Streams of Silence

Australian Premiere

Dir: Christopher T Bianchi / USA / 2019 / 10mins

Noisy, Violent, Streams of Silence, is a single channel video that includes a 10-minute, black and white video. The video, presents a space within the psyche of the subject in the video. The subject (person/performer) is one (or someone) whose unconscious mind is being exploited metaphorically, through neoliberal coercion that implants, absorbs, and collects information from the most sacred places as a means of control and capital gain.

Raw Power

Australian Premiere

Pierre-Luc Vaillancourt / Canada / 2020 / 6mins

Total force, total speed, to carress infinity, to transcend flesh. Shot in Tokyo with top boxers Momoko Kawashima and Mie Takahashi.

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    76 minutes
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    Unclassified 15+
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    This program contains some strobing images
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