Russian Film Symposium 2021: Representation and the Reel

About Kira Stealthily / О Кире украдкой

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About Kira Stealthily (2019) by Irina Vasil'eva is a meta-reflection on the life and work of Kira Muratova, one of the most unusual and enigmatic directors of the Post-Soviet space seen through the eyes of those who knew her and worked with her. The film is a portrait of Muratova, a notorious recluse, who refused interviews and little of her private life is known to general public.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    77 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Director
    Irina Vasil'eva
  • Screenwriter
    Irina Vasil'eva
  • Producer
    Aleksandr Radov
  • Cinematographer
    Irina Uralskaia
  • Editor
    Irina Vasilieva
  • Composer
    Oleg Karavaichuk, Valentin Silvestrov
  • Sound Design
    Andrei Zhuchkov
  • Music
    Oleg Karavaichuk, Valentin Silvestrov, Franz Shubert