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Djembe Monks are a collective of young Zimbabwean musicians who produce and perform tribal house music, a blend of traditional drums with electronics, house/techno/afro-fusion. We've been around since 2010, performing at established events and festivals in Zimbabwe such as The Victoria Falls Carnival, Neverland Zimbabwe, Miombo Magic Music Festival, Intwasa Festival KoBulawayo, HIFA, Unplugged Zimbabwe and Shoko Festival.

We love travelling and dancing. Dancing is one of our favourite, favourite things. When on the dance floor we are free. It's our way of motion meditation. The dance-floor is our church, really. It makes us happy. Festivals are one way of combining our dancing, performing and socialising.

We derive our name from the Bambara saying ''Anke Dje, anke be!'' which translates to ''Everyone gather together in peace!" Our sessions gather people together in a musical ritual of pure, unadulterated foot-stomping, graceless dancing, if you will, maybe without art or skill but most certainly with some enjoyment!


This music video is a visual manifestation of Djembe Monks' raw ethnic & electronic sound and is motivated by the group's passion for dance.

The concept touches on the global water crisis and draws inspiration from a traditional rain-dance performed by the baKalanga people from Botswana and Western Zimbabwe.

The narrative is rooted in traditional Zimbabwean mythology & folklore, interwoven with contemporary elements & inspired by the 'Noir Wave' movement.

The experimental, movement piece takes us on the journey of the calling of the 'iWosana' (a chosen medium) who is a communicator for the god Mwali and the ancestors.

"We aimed to capture the Djembe Monks' organic, live performance energy while conveying a narrative inspired by an ancient Zimbabwean tradition, exploring its relevance in the modern world." Kalai Barlow (Producer & Director)


Obscura Films is the collision of Zimbabwean Director & Producer Kalai Barlow & Cinematographer Richard Watson. Through a combined passion for music & visual story-telling, the duo conceptualized an initiative that aims to uplift and empower upcoming Zimbabwean artists.

The young production company recently achieved the 2020 'National Arts Merit' for their compelling Music Video 'Sunshine City' and were nominated for anther video, 'Bless', in the same category.

With human story and power of resilience always at the core of their work, the duo aims to continue to collaborate with artists on the continent and beyond in the combined effort to share diverse African narratives with the world.

Our guiding philosophy is grounded in the idea that storytelling has the power to inspire and motivate change.

We aim to use our craft as a vehicle to translate and share the stories of those who have moved us in an effort to contribute to the upliftment of talented artists.

  • Year
  • Runtime
  • Language
  • Country
    Zimbabwe & South Africa
  • Premiere
    African Premiere
  • Director
    Kalai Barlow
  • Screenwriter
    Kalai Barlow
  • Producer
    Kalai Barlow
  • Executive Producer
    Kalai Barlow
  • Cast
    Djembe Monks, Sasha Nkonyana, Yasmine Calasse, Thato Mbongwe, Leo Chirindza
  • Cinematographer
    Richard Watson
  • Editor
    Richard Watson
  • Production Design
    Kalai Barlow
  • Composer
    Djembe Monks
  • Sound Design
    Richard Watson
  • Music
    Djembe Monks