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In cooperation with Sands Films Studio, North and South London CSC is pleased to be showing “Death of a Bureaucrat”, a 1966 film by Tomas Guttierez Alea.

Alea is probably the best known of Cuba's rich seam of  post-Revolutionary film makers. He not only directed the film but wrote the screenplay and was an enormous influence in Cuban cinema and culture. He is prized for both satirical and serious treatments of issues important to the Cubans in the years following the Revolution. Watch out for filmic references to Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy and Dali at the start of the film as an added fillip.

This black comedy that lashes out against institutionalized bureaucracy tells the story of a young man’s attempts to disinter his uncle who was buried with a document that his widow now needs to legalize her pension. This was the first great Cuban film of international significance.