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Maurizio Ravalico

solo percussion

Maurizio Ravalico is a London based percussionist with a surprisingly varied career spanning over 30 years, during the course of which he has maintained a lively and constantly cross-pollinating interest in musical expressions as diverse as funk, rock, 20th century composition, Brazilian and Cuban music, free-form improvisation, contemporary jazz and the “experimental music” of post-war and beyond.

His collaborations include Collocutor, Fiium Shaarrk, Zac Gvi, Phaedra Ensemble, Oren Marshall, Jamiroquai, the James Taylor Quartet, Paul McCartney, Steve Bereford, Pat Thomas, Dele Sosimi, Snowboy, Alex Wilson, to name a few.

In 2018 Maurizio released his first solo percussion album, ‘Nobody’s Husband, Nobody’s Dad’, in his own words “the most eloquent synthesis to date of my lifelong love affair with percussion music”.

Entirely acoustic, with no playback devices, loops or electronic manipulations, Maurizio’s solo performance is a visionary narrative of other-worldly sounds, often generated by unexpected combinations of conventional instruments and found objects, both played using a mix of orthodox and extended techniques, and often on top of a big drum, which dramatically augments their timbric and tonal range.

For this show at Sands, Maurizio will perform some material from ‘Nobody’s Husband, Nobody’s Dad’, some new compositions and some solo improvisation, closing the evening with a duet with Fred Thomas.