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I wouldn't have been able to imagine this happening. This will go down as a period when Jews were being silenced. The fact that certain Jews are the wrong sort of Jews, and that they're silenced.

In 2015 began a process without parallel in British political history.  Left-wing Jews, who had fought racism all their lives, were themselves accused of antisemitism. Subjected to trial by media, expelled by the Labour Party, the aim to make them political outcasts. 

The Wrong Sort of Jew tells their collective story. Based on interviews with dozens of Jewish activists, it sets out their family histories, their experiences, their commitments – and their encounter with a systematic and shocking attempt to destroy their reputations and drive them out of political life. 

Blending film and theatre, The Wrong Sort of Jew is a moving and revelatory account of a shameful episode. It restores those who have been treated as non-persons to their rightful place, as lifelong fighters against injustice and oppression. 

There will be an informal discussion after the show, where we hope that some of the interviewees, whose testimony forms the basis of our play, will be present.