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Dudù Kouate

Nenamaya, Life! Oxygen

Two and a half billion years ago there was no oxygen or life forms on earth. Silence. But, silence is not the absence of sound. Silence is the presence of sounds that are difficult to hear. Slowly oxygen began to spread over the earth, gradually, and this phenomenon is called the Great Oxidation Event (GOE). New life forms have begun to be seen on earth.

Multi-instrumentalist musician, disseminator and teacher of percussion and traditional African instruments.

Dudù Kouate plays Afro-jazz, modern, traditional and contemporary music and collaborates on a permanent basis with the Chicago Art Ensemble of Roscoe Mitchell and Don Moye.

Thanks to the research and use of new and original sounds, Dudu manages to revive the African musical tradition in a modern and multicultural key, through the inclusion of percussion in diversified musical contexts.



Dudù Kouate Pan Africation

African Percussion##

Multiple Instruments##

Mediatore museale e interculturale

Performer www.dudukouate.art

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Dudù Kouate,

Liam Noble and Fred Thomas

in concert during the London Jazz Festival 2022