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LIVE Friday Dec. 1st

at 20.00pm

This event gets its name from Dot Miles' inspiring poem, "Elephants Dancing." and is meant as a heartfelt tribute to the late Dot Miles, a powerful figure in the deaf community in both the UK and USA. 

"Dancing Elephants" is not just your ordinary show - it's a mesmerizing BSL stage live performance that combines stand-up comedy, poetry, VV artists and possibly much more as the lineup is still in progress but will include David Sands, a talented deaf actor, stand up comedian at comedy clubs, and creator for film and theatre. Joining him is Zoë McWhinney, a visual vernacular performer and BSL poet, who is known for her work as a theatre maker and workshop facilitator in BSL storytelling and poetry. And Gavin Lilley, a well-established deaf stand-up comedian who has delighted audiences for 10 years all over Europe. This includes at the Apollo in Helsinki, at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, at a multitude of festivals and clubs in cities from London to Tel Aviv, via Cardiff's Chapter as part of Deaf Together, a Deaf-led gathering for everyone. "Dancing Elephants" will also invite and encourage new and inexperienced artistes to try the stage to express themselves.

This captivating show, hosted by deaf performers, will be performed in front of a live audience and an informal panel of invited judges. "Dancing Elephants" is accessible to both deaf and hearing audiences; in person and online. We'll have interpreters, presenting BSL as a valid and legitimate language rather than a simplified "code used by people with a disability." The online broadcast makes this show accessible to schools and anyone who may not have the opportunity to attend live performances.

"Dancing Elephants" is not a one-time event. It's part of a series of performances that will take place every other month. We want to create a sustainable gathering point for visual vernacular performers, BSL poets, and deaf actors to develop and present their work regularly. This project is driven by the sense of urgency felt by the deaf artists involved. They have full control over the artistic and creative content of "Dancing Elephants" and will also invite other talented deaf performers, poets and actors to join in.

So come and join us for an unforgettable evening of laughter, poetry, storytelling, and mime.

Let's celebrate the beauty and richness of Deaf culture together at "Dancing Elephants"!

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