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This year, the STFF Shorts Committee selected 10 short films to screen within the festival program, including 3 Grand Jury favorites. All shorts in this package are eligible for an Audience Award so remember to cast a vote for your favorite film, and meet the directors during a live Q&A session, details TBA.


Free Fun

(Fehmi Öztürk, Turkey, 2020, 5 min, in Turkish w/ English subtitles)

When Kika enters an adult VR game, she encounters something she never expected. Nothing will ever be the same again.

Cleats (Krampon)

(Abdullah Şahin, Turkey, 2020, 11 min, in Turkish w/ English subtitles)

A story of true friendship between Ilyas, Ahmet, and Emir as represented in a pair of cleats.

Best Actress (En İyi Kadın Oyuncu)

(Umut Alaz Kökçü, Turkey, 2020, 20 min, in Turkish w/ English subtitles)

Melis, a post-graduate student writing her thesis, interviews a 70s erotic movie star, slowly uncovering a blurry past and dark secrets.

Some Cats of the Neighborhood (Mahallenin Bazı Kedileri) 

(Emre Sefer, Turkey, 2020, 20 min, in Turkish w/ English subtitles)

A woman in her 50s goes about her life, isolated from other people until one day, during her daily routine of feeding cats in the park, her life becomes entangled with a stranger in unexpected ways.


(Ozan Yoleri, Turkey, 2020, 20 min, in Turkish w/ English subtitles)

In 12-year-old Irmak’s eyes, Aylin embodies excitement, independence, and womanhood. Irmak idolizes her older friend and comes to realize that her admiration may be more complicated than she thought.

Turning to Dust (Toz Olmak) 

(Hüseyin Aydin Gürsoy, France, 2020, 20 min, in Turkish w/ English subtitles)

Due to unpaid wages, Elif and her husband are deep in debt. Elif’s husband wants to return to Turkey, but she believes there’s a better future for her son in France and has no intention of giving up.

Rain, Snorkel & Green Beans (Yağmur, Şnorkel ve Taze Fasulye) 

(Yavuz Akyıldız, Turkey, 2020, 19 min, in Turkish w/ English subtitles)

On an ordinary day, a 32-year-old son confronts his father to tell him he is moving out to discover himself and a new life. It will be much more difficult than he thinks to realize this desire.

Octopus (Ahtapot) 

(Engin Erden, Turkey, 2020, 13 min, in Turkish w/ English subtitles)

Tired of being pushed around by adults, best friends Ece and Efe make a plan to prove themselves, unaware of the price they will have to pay on this hot, lazy summer day on the Aegean coast.

Break Off (Paydos) 

(Öykü Orhan, Turkey, 2020, 18 min, in Turkish w/ English subtitles)

Zeliha is a mother of two and works in a steel saucepan factory. After being unexpectedly fired, she struggles to find work and while maintaining appearances with her children.

The Thousand and One Nights (Binbir Gece Masalları) 

(Mahsum Taskin, Turkey, 2020, 17 min, in Kurdish w/ English subtitles)

Seyithan, who lives in a Kurdish village in Eastern Turkey, comes across the tales of The Thousand and One Nights and begins seeking out the missing parts.

STFF Shorts Program has been accepting short film submissions annually since 2014 and received 200+ submissions in 2020.

  • Runtime
    160 minutes
  • Language
    Turkish w/ English subtitles