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PLEASE NOTE: Set Me Free is a story of love and acceptance. There is no profanity or violence. However, the subject matter may not be appropriate for, nor is intended for, those who refrain from watching modern movies or secular media. Parents are advised to watch the film and use discretion before sharing it with their children.

Alexandra, a smart, successful medical student with no knowledge of Judaism falls in love with Eli, an attractive young rabbi who answers her questions about ethics in medicine….and then invites her to his family’s Passover Seder. Her radio-personality, psychotherapist mom, Robin, is horrified and will do anything to save her daughter from making the biggest mistake of her life.

What begins as a teacher/student relationship grows into a friendship….and then love. As the romance blossoms, neither Alexandra or Eli are prepared to face what this could mean for their future. 

Although Robin counsels her callers and clients to accept their adult children no matter what, and has easily accepted her lesbian daughter Tara, she struggles with Alexandra’s open display of Judaism, such as wearing a Jewish star necklace on campus.

When Eli disguises his voice and calls her program, asking for advice on getting his girlfriend’s family to accept him, Robin gives him advice she doesn’t live by in her own relationship with her daughter. Before the call is over, she realizes it’s Eli. In her anger, she loses herself on the air, endangering both her show and the book she wants to publish, ironically titled “Radical Acceptance.”

Angry at Eli for hurting her mom’s career, Alexandra breaks up with him. But, as much as she tries, she simply can’t forget him.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    90 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Genre
  • Social Media
  • Director
    James Carman & Estelle Kohen
  • Screenwriter
    Estelle Kohen & Michael Miceli
  • Producer
    Estelle Kohen
  • Filmmaker
    Red Heifer Productions
  • Cast
    Lex Miller, Florimond Patrick, Denise Marie Whalen
  • Editor
    Abraham Urquilla
  • Sound Design
    Hayden Clement