2022 San Francisco Dance Film Festival

Screendance I: Short N' Sweet | 2022 San Francisco Dance Film Festival

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The Game
Characters take to the streets in this short dance film with flair.
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Firebrand Sway
String theory and sonder are brought to life through contemporary western movement with classical Indian Bharatanatyam and Kathak in an other-worldly landscape.
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Going Down
A whimsical dance film about a wild fantasy.
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A short dance film featuring a choreographed 'battle' between two teams of female dancers.
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Uplifting, inspiring and uncompromising - Tajabone is a transcendental parade of Black French queer empowerment.
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Eight Early Era artists must decide whether to stay within the boxes that confine them or break free.
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A contemporary exploration of humankind's relentless pursuit for wealth and happiness.
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Barbarians : Origins
One boy’s courage inspires a movement.
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Music for Waxing
Femininity, beauty, and sweetness interpreted with a little irony.
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A purely imagined world of movement and animation.
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Barre Fight!
Rival ballerinas cross paths at a recital.
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Cuckoo Song
A joyous, hypnotic dance experience that celebrates Mother Nature’s seasonal cycle.
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Say We
A pandemic perspective on emotions without the limitations of a linear narrative.
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Featuring the talents of two, twin dancers, this film offers a unique perspective on spiritual wilderness.
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Moses Supposes
A fresh, new take on “Moses Supposes” from Singin’ in the Rain
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Indulge in a playful smorgasbord of dance film, with fifteen bite-sized pieces showcasing an eclectic mix of artistic disciplines and styles. From animated battling ballerinas to Broadway tappers, classical Indian dancers to a hilarious look at beauty rituals, this program is an easy way to sample the diversity of this expressive and ever-evolving genre.

From stage to screen, director James Kinney's celebrated artistic vision has established him as a respected voice in the world of dance entertainment. The short dance film, “The Game” entertains with edgy characters who take their talent to the streets.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    4:30 minutes
  • Country
    United States
  • Note
    Choreographer: James Kinney
  • Director
    James Kinney, Pierre Marais