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Darla Peterson lives with her mother and runs her business, Kitty Kasket, out of the garage. She works hard and keeps her nose clean, so how did she end up with a $349,000.22 tax debt?

Leona Peterson's nose is less clean. She suggests they hunt carburetors in the neighborhood and sell off the valuable platinum found within. With this plan, they'd have the debt paid off in two weeks.

Darla is frustrated with her mother's insane notions, but she tries to make the best of her work day cleaning the warehouse overseen by Arnot Pickens.

Arnot Pickens is an absentee boss at best. His work seems to be guarding a shipping container and not answering the telephone which perpetually rings.

Poking around the place, Darla topples upon the discovery of a lifetime, locked tight inside the shipping container: a sentient kombucha scoby, and it can talk! Or at least, Darla can hear this scoby, whose name is Mother, loud and clear.

This is not the topper in the list of Mother's unusual qualities, however. Darla discovers Mother's ability to grant mind-blowing orgasms.

If Darla will help Mother fulfill her dream of going to space, Mother will help Darla with her debt.

As quick as that, Darla puts her plan in motion: All she needs is to find 350 people to orgasm, or "Menage", with Mother at $1,000 a pop and the debt is paid.

Totally straightforward.

  • Runtime
    94 minutes
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Susie Moon, Eric Laplante
  • Producer
    Erik Mygrant, Bridget Harris
  • Cast
    Alex E. Harris