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The More Things Change

We all wonder who we are sometimes...In the pilot episode of The More Things Change, we discover one of Dana's greatest flaws - her inability to say what she wants. Suffering from a debilitating lack of entitlement, she keeps saying yes to things she doesn't want to do. Her life partner, her business partner, and an insightful stranger all tell her to assert herself, but it takes the cute clarity of her toddler niece to show Dana how to say what she wants.The More Things Change is a scripted comedy series from Debra F. Simone, based on her experiences as a self-described "everyday workaholic transwoman."

  • Runtime
    16 minutes
  • Country
  • Premiere
    San Francisco Premiere
  • Director
    Debra F. Simone
  • Cast
    Michelle Hendley, Lisa Ann Walter, Sandra Valls, Candace Carrizales, Luis Victor Jimenez, Travis Nicholson