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Slapstick Conversations: Buster Keaton

With James Curtis 

James Curtis, admired biographer of Preston Sturges, W.C.Fields and Spencer Tracy, gives us the richest, most comprehensive life story to date of the legendary actor, stunt artist, screenwriter, director and comedic master Keaton, in his latest biography Buster Keaton: A Filmmakers’ Life. 

Buster transformed movie-making by elevating physical comedy on film to the highest of art forms. His silent shorts and features remain as startling, innovative, and irresistible today as they were when they first beguiled audiences almost a century ago. In partnership with Festival of Ideas, Slapstick is proud to present a special ‘in conversation’ with James Curtis on Zoom, live from California, hosted by Bristol Ideas director Andrew Kelly. In collaboration with Bristol Festival of Ideas. 

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