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Take48 Film Challenge: Screening

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TAKE48 Film Challenge: Screening
Good Skell Hunting
Film by: Kerrod Cooper, Kevin Rickert and Jemma ha
Bad Influence
Film by: Michail Mathioudakis, Jayden Chessells & Bridget Hassed
Pad Kra Pao
Film by: William Sung & Nancy Zhang
This is Pencil Tip
Film by: Joshua Belinfante
Study Plant
Film by: Kevin Chan
Revenge of the Short People
Film by: Bryan Fisher
Film by: Kate McGuinness, Rhys Bellamy
Brian, it's Back
Film by: Andy Cleave
Film by: Jack Butchart
Post Apocalypse
Film by: David Attrill
Dead Spot
Film by: Nick Spellicy, Nick Harriott, Mathew Marcum, Ryan Stubbs, Jonathan Willis
Film by: Alle Segretti
I love you. Do you want to walk today?
Film by: Dana Hubraq
Looking for my Ex's Dog
Film by: Roger Stonehouse
Cookie Monster
Film by: PJ Collins
It’s an Egg Thing
Film by: Shane Parsons, Lev Jutsen
How to Make a Post-It Note
Film by: Sean O'keeffe
Unfinished Job
Film by: Joelle Snono, Suzan Snono
Post-It Apology
Film by: Eloy Mason, Omri Mason, Dee-Ann Vahlberg
Single Bubble the Band: The Origin: The Movie
Film by: Thomas Franks Gronow
Film by: Manvis Zhang, Seth Lee, Alex Zhong
Pushing Stone
Film by: Michael Trinco
Hey, Tomorrow
Film by: Nam Ko
Betty Bug Girl
Film by: Isabel Macmaster
Starscream And The Wind Whales
Film by: Saxifrage Cucvara, Malini Cucvara
Stick It
Film by: Jacinta Kezelos, Tom McGill, Domonic Colucci
At Home Cloning
Film by: Jovan Tomasevic
Foreign Bodies
Film by: James Duffield, Hassibullah Kushkaki, Vanessa Cobbs, Nitzan Hanin, Juan Sarmiento, Mitchell Hunt, Mikayla Levy, Indiah Lavers
The True Story of My Perfect Boyfriend
Film by: Kimberly Rose, Cam Knight
The Phone Call
Film by: Tianyue Huang, Tony Huang
Film by: Jason Jones, Stephanie Davis, Steve Lloyd, and Hugh Buttsworth
Film by: Surbhi Malik, Geordan Bates, Janisha Ricardo, Tom Tran
Film by: Seaton Kay-Smith
Film Ideas
Film by: Nathan Roach
Film by: Vada Gock, Michelle Ny, Liam Gower
Going Troppo
Film by: Jesse Ocean, Jacqueline Perrin, Marco Reynoso
Impossible Crime
Film by: Zonglin Yang, Kaile Liu, Jialu Han, Zeena Zhang
Appa the Pup Reflects: An Isolation Memoir, or, the Trepenated Garden of Dreams
Film by: Alexander Naughton
Blood & Lipstick
Film by: James Russell, Nancy Nino
Film by: Andrew Cullimore, Bernard Peasley
Helping Hand
Film by: David Matters
Film by: Robert Davies, Sarah Larsen
Film by: Oliver Bonenfant, Iphigenie Frey
Sticky Spells
Film by: Amelia Gilday, Shannon Collard
Film by: Maxwell Sadowski
Working From Home
Film by: Ian Leithhead, Deborah Baumann, Anastasia Dolgacheva, Mason Hawthorn
Jonesy And I
Film by: Max Simonson
ROLL OUT - The Real Crisis
Film by: Jenniffer Montenegro
Two Shades Of Grey
Film by: Julius Koivistoinen, Mariska Marnane
Film by: Chris Shapones, Susie Shapones, Toby Petch, Serena Hor, Sherrie Koo
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TAKE48 is the 48 hour film challenge hosted by SUFF. Participants have a 48-hour window to script, shoot and edit a film. All films needed to include a mystery item and line of dialogue

This year, the mystery item was a post-it note and the mystery line of "I already tried that".


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TAKE48 is the 48 hour film challenge hosted by SUFF. Participants have a 48-hour window to script, shoot and edit a film. All films needed to include a mystery item and line of dialogue. Check out all the completed films here!