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An introduction to the festival!
This short animation is about COVID-19, portraying in a macro and micro perspective, showing some of the artist's experiences and thoughts during the outbreak of the pandemic. What is - our relationship with the environment, our role in the world and our current situation. The earth is not fragile, humans are.
Ashe, a young woman made of smoke, tries to keep her calm on a particularly horrible day.
A Job as the Moon
A typical day on the job from the perspective of the moon.
Icosohedral Interfacing
Ambient exploration of evolving geometries. Isomorphic views show rectangular solids shifting and re-spawning. The work separates itself from it's purely digital origins through layered re-recording, passed through different physical filters taken from a dismantled computer screen.
Condolences from the Vulgar Tongue or (Boner)
Huxley, a jaded dog and victim of the universe, shuts his brother out and chooses to burden himself with the responsibility of arranging his mother's funeral. Little does he know, by enlisting in a questionable marketing scheme as a door-to-door bone salesman, his success comes at a price.
All is Lost
StrataCut + MRI's of humans, animals and fruit come together to match the intensity of Brian Chippendale + Ty Segall's freight train of a musical collaboration in this video for their song 'All is Lost'.
Hack Attack
Trouble gets her online video game account hacked on the internet after she gives away her account information in hopes of receiving free in-game currency; and her attempt to get it all back.
The Colossus
The Colossus is an animated short following a lonely ghost in charge of accomplishing every action Earth. The only way to counter great responsibility is with even greater placidity.
Cyan is about a teenager who is half Martian, half-human boy who struggles with his identity while trying to survive a day in high school
Quack Quack Quack
A couple of ducks go on a grand, loud journey.
Asexual Aromantic
Two hearts encounter an ace of spades.
Untitled Land
Untitled Land is an exploration of a pretend Island.
Symmetry is the basic concept of something having the quality of being made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis. This piece plays on the idea of symmetry between characters and worlds, and the connections that link the two.
Animated music video for 'Intro' from Checkmate's self titled album.
Night Lights
Summer evenings and lighting bugs go hand in hand. It's a magical moment in which right as the sun sets, a new set of lights fill the night time sky.
The Five Stages
The Five Stages is an autobiographical, experimental animation that visually represents the stages of grief. Using a combination of scratch and paint animation and After Effects compositing, I have generated imagery that delves into the stages as textures, colors and motion. The animation sequences are derived from research collected from psychotherapists and doctors. This piece is meant to explore events that occur within our minds and not usually seen with the human eye.
Soft Friends
A lonely triangle is guided through a waxy world by the SOFT FRIENDS, a collective of fearless, morphing companions. The official music video for Portland-based avant-pop musician Jan Julius' single 'Soft Friends'.
Burdened with his mundane day-to-day life, a lonely man finds love in the digital age. Even though the internet can give him love, it can also break his heart.