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An introduction to the festival!
Seed Supreme
On an alien planet far away, an adventuring staff-wielding juvenile races for the recently landed and highly coveted space seed that gives the one who consumes it unimaginable strength and mysterious magical powers.
A dancing figure desperately tries to unite with its reflection.
Time o´ the Signs
"Time o' the Signs" is an experimental - narrative but also documentary - animation about digital time thieves of our time, media stupidities and ongoing daily routines. This work wants to question: how do we (not) want to live in a future society?
A woman working in the IT sector has to deal with work-related stress all alone, while her nightmares slowly turn into reality.
What was once familiar is now unrecognizable. All previous desires are overshadowed by the need to disappear completely.
Taste The Universe
Chef Kee takes you on a journey of culinary delights across the universe. Doesn't that sound like fun friendly friends?
A lonely white flower grows surrounded by other plants and every day he struggles to survive.
Maggie Dave - I'm Not Ready
A sheep man waits for a continuously delayed train.
The Ephemeral Orphanage
The Ephemeral Orphanage follows a group of tattered paper doll orphans as they daydream alternate realities and surreptitiously explore the hidden lives of their well-meaning but secretive caregivers.
Man's Best Friend
A man and his strange dog go to the park!
Pick Your Poison
Two people fall madly in love until their love bubble pops. Their minds speak louder than their words.
Terror Fervor
Informed by experimental films from the 1960s and 70s, Terror Fervor takes the viewer on a psychedelic non-linear journey through the vices of seven characters. The worldless journey plunges the viewer into an experience that is hard to classify and hard to forget.
Misery Loves Company
Instead of living like this, I would like a meteorite to fall.
Black Sheep Boy
A young hatted boy’s adventures through a strange world inhabited by anthropomorphic creatures. Searching for some happiness he does not know how to find, he engages into a philosophical and personal quest.