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An introduction to the festival!
Rock Cowboys
A short video about rock cowboys discussing their lifestyle and philosophy.
The Wellspring and the Tower
When the wellspring that sustains the ecosystem dries out, its cry for help triggers a process which uses all of the world's resources to build a tower. This seems to have a destructive effect on the environment, but the tower has only one purpose: to resurrect the wellspring.
Rock, Paper, Thistle
I ate a garden of Thistles and kissed a Bee.
A Family That Steals Dogs
Strange experiences and realizations lead a grieving artist to reconsider his identity and beliefs in this meditation on grief, family and mental illness.
Closed captions available
Separate projections combine, unifying, becoming whole. Twelve animated projections combine to develop a rhythmic dialogue exploring the intrinsic relationship between sound and image using 16mm film, paint and a projector. Responding to a hand-drawn soundtrack, each projection is individually created by painting and scratching directly on 16mm film stock. 4:3 is available as a short film, an immersive installation, and in 360Àö.
Portrait of a woman
This eponymous "female portrait" is made of social expectations, stereotypes and cultural constructs. The protagonist must continuously reject the roles imposed on her and adjust to the views of others. Finally, the woman decides to liberate herself from the surrounding limitations. Will she manage to escape?
Closed captions available
Beyond Noh
"Beyond Noh" rhythmically animates 3,475 individual masks from all over the world, beginning with the distinctive masks of the Japanese Noh theater and continuing on a cultural journey through ritual, performance, utility, and politics.
100,000 Acres of Pine
Ranger Megan Patel must uncover the mystery surrounding her brother’s death. But following his footsteps, Megan discovers a darkness she might not escape.
Sea Moss - Appease the Peas, Please
Ju Ren
A seed is planted. A school of fishes washes up to a barren land. While all the fish leaps into the sea, one digs deep into the land.
Doomsday Princess
As the only human survivor of a radioactive apocalypse, a cheerful young woman sings her way through life, planning a tea party where she hopes she can finally find friendship.
It is a 2D hand-drawn abstract “fountain performance” animation using the music, "Catgot" by ISAN.
Hot Dogs
Hot Dogs is an animation about eating hot dogs and discussing the afterlife.
Closed captions available
Hit and Run
Things get surreal when the Brits play baseball. A satirical film about modern British politics and tactics of distraction.
a call and response
Oscar is a child who sprouts in his parents garden. Nobody knows his biological sex but he claims the masculine gender. One day Oscar lives an extraordinary but painful adventure in an authoritarian and oppressive world. Will he manage to have the identity recognition he desires so much?