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Stream began April 10, 2022 4:50 PM UTC
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Join us in the SWFF-11 Zoom Room to learn more about SWFF-11's talented student filmmakers as they dive into the productions of their officially selected films.

Filmmakers in Block 8:

  • 12:50PM-1:00PM- Moss Johnston (SUNY Purchase, God Bless The Soft White Light That Shines Through Our Broken Windows)
  • 1:00PM-1:10PM- Theodore Brill (SUNY Oswego, Capturing Light)
  • 1:15PM-1:25PM- Jackson DiCarlo (SUNY Fredonia, Wizard Interrogation)
  • 1:25PM-1:35PM- Alex Purdy (SUNY Fredonia, 307.50 (F50.9) - Unspecified)
  • 1:35PM-1:45PM- Ally Farrel (SUNY Oswego, Put On a Happy Face)