Toronto Animation Film Festival 2021

The Oddball Collection (Shorts 6)

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13 films + livestream in package
The title “ #hAPPy” means two words “ Happy” and “APP”.
First impressions are so important.
Little Artist has a block. When her trusty pencil let’s her down all seems hopeless but her amazing future self comes to the rescue!
It's a 15 minutes short film about this genius from the 15th century whose number 5, like the 5 centuries of his dead, is the guideline of the film.
A young girl sees the world around her as brittle, depraved and ugly.
Waste Away
Waste Away is a surreal stop motion short about a homeless woman who becomes pregnant with a fish.
CMBR project is based on the data from the Planck space telescope of the European Space Agency.
Sexy Sushi
Life on a conveyor belt seems great for Sushi and his Topping friends.
Rise Up
The music video for the newest jazzy trip-hop track
Walks Alone
Video clip for 'Walks Alone' by Cows (from the album Cunning Stunts,1992).
The Organized Life
The Organized Life is a 3D animated short film, presenting the relationship between mother and son.
Mad in Xpain
In a post-apocalyptic Spain, different tribes survive, struggling to gain control of the only livelihood that exists, a very low quality red wine.
Blanket is an exploration of feelings, moods and fears of a time in my (Inger Bierma's) life where i wasn't in the best place mentally. Trying to show this in an abstracted and subdued way, open for interpretation of the viewer.I wanted to make this film which discusses mental wellbeing, but in an abstracted way of storytelling which can still contribute to the conversation around mental health in an artistic way.
Q & A with Directors from The Oddball Collection (Shorts 6)
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Step right up! Step right up! Come see this collection of shorts that are sure to give you nightmares for days. We've got a side order of Sexy Sushi, one that's kafkaesque, plus evil nuns. Oh yes, what is an oddball collection without evil nuns. This program is not for the faint of heart. (14+)

Films Include:

#hAPPy| Hui-ching Tseng | Taiwan | 0:02:46 | Eureka Arts

Speed | Ben Mitchell | United Kingdom | 0:01:30 | Shy Guys Studios

7B | Eva MÃnnich |United Kingdom | United Kingdom | 0:00:31 |

THE MYSTERY OF LEONARDO | Manu Gomez | Belgium | 0:15:00 | mgv prod

Incognito | Júlia Lantos| Hungary| 0:07:35 | Budapest Metropolitan University

Waste Away | Elly Stern | United States | 0:04:49 | Independent film (Elly Stern)

CMBR | Martina Testen | 0:11:03 | Silent Records

Sexy Sushi | Calleen Koh Yee Lin | Singapore | 0:03:07 |

Rise Up | Marcel Borsboom | Netherlands | 0:05:15 | Marcel Borsboom

Walks Alone | Lior Shkedi | Israel | 0:03:01 | Lior Shkedi Design

The Organized Life | Yu Wang | United States | 0:02:29 | Patrick

Mad in Xpain | Ismael Martin | Spain | 0:13:00 | Los animantes

BLANKET| Inger Bierma | Germany | 0:04:30 | Inger Bierma

The title “ #hAPPy” means two words “ Happy” and “APP”. The animation is trying to represent the phenomenon of social chaos which people think their happiness is mostly coming from the social media. Using “#” means that the audiences and creator of this animation are sharing the same point of view. In the Self-media, the popularity is rated by the number of clicks. Therefore, many so called cyber celebrity are doing ridiculous and extreme behaviors to attract audience’s attention. The plot of this story are inspired by some of the true stories that happening on the internet. Use black humor to make the audience think about the absurdity of such a social phenomenon.

  • Runtime
    3 minutes
  • Country
  • Director
    Yu-Ju Kuo
  • Producer
    Eureka Arts