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Stream began November 3, 2022 3:30 PM UTC
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Join us for a lively online session to kick off the release of the film THE OIL MACHINE and its campaign called After THE OIL MACHINE.

The film shows how oil has been an invisible machine at the core of our economy and society. Can we break our addiction to oil and gas?

Our campaign, After THE OIL MACHINE, aims to spark discussions after watching the film, to update audiences on the turbulent recent events, and to emphasise the urgent need for sweeping changes.

Noga Levy-Rapoport (they/he/she), climate justice activist, organiser and speaker, is hosting this online event with the film team and core contributors:

  • Emma Davie (she/her), director of The Oil Machine, talks about the aims in making the film and what its relevance in the current crisis is
  • Sir David King (he/him), former Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK Government, now Centre for Climate Repair and Climate Crisis Advisory Group, looks back at the year since COP26 in Glasgow and gives an outlook on COP27
  • Ann Pettifor (she/her), economist and author of The Case of The Green New Deal, analyses the current crisis from a critical economic perspective
  • James Marriott (he/him), Platform London, co-author of Crude Britannia and conceptual contributor to The Oil Machine
  • Rachel Caplan (she/her), outreach coordinator at Film & Campaign, highlights opportunities to see the The Oil Machine and for communities, organisations and businesses to host their own screenings and discussions

All along, we welcome questions from the audience – anything you’d like to ask our panellists, and anything about participating in the film’s release.  

Simply post in the live chat. Rachel will monitor the chat and relay questions to the panel.

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On social media, please use the hashtag #TheOilMachine and refer to us at @TheOilMachine (on Facebook and Twitter) or @theoilmachinefilm (on Instagram). But we’d ask you to stay on this platform for any questions you may have, so we can make sure we see these questions as we talk.

This event is produced by Film & Campaign for Sonja Henrici Creates. You're welcome to re-use our content for non-commercial purposes with clear attribution to The Oil Machine: CC BY-NC 4.0.