The Climate Reality Project Philippines presents the South East Asia premiere of THE RACE TO SAVE THE WORLD

Expired September 22, 2021 6:45 AM
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The Climate Reality Project Philippines, led by its Youth Cluster, presents the South East Asia premiere of the documentary film The Race to Save the World. Directed by Emmy award-winning filmmaker Joe Gantz, The Race to Save the World is an uplifting climate change documentary that shows the passion and unwavering commitment of climate warriors, ages 15 to 72, in the trenches fighting climate change as they make their voices heard for a livable future.


Director Gantz brings an urgent and intimate portrait of the protests, arrests, courtroom drama, and family turmoil these activists endure as they push for change. The Race to Save The World is an energizing call-to-action that inspires viewers to quit waiting on the sidelines and start making their voices heard.


Proceeds (40%) from this screening and all of the additional donations will support the installation of solar panels in an elementary school in the Visayas region. The Climate Reality Philippines is partnering with Light of Hope PH, a grassroots movement from Cebu aiming to help mitigate climate change and uplift the lives of the underserved and off-the-grid communities through the use of clean renewable energy technologies.


Your ticket purchase gives you access to this recording of our panel discussion with student activists and U.S. activists from the film and will be hosted by Pinoy Climate Reality Leaders. Click here to watch


Click here to purchase a Special Access Ticket. Priced at PhP850.00 ($17.00). Special Access Tickets will give you exclusive access to Solar Rise, a side event featuring messages from the film’s activists, insights from local activists, breakout sessions, and more!


"Courageous people who have been willing to put their bodies on the line for issues they cared about have moved our country forward in so many ways, over so many years. As The Race to Save the World shows us, that passion and commitment is alive and well, with diverse people - from teens to grandmas - engaging in the time-honored tradition of protest and civil disobedience to combat the climate crisis. I hope everyone will watch this film and be inspired to join these everyday heroes in the struggle of our lifetime." 

Annie Leonard

Executive Director, Greenpeace US

“These are important stories, told in engaging fashion- and I can testify that there are similar scenes from every corner of the planet. The fight to halt the destruction of the planet's climate system may be the biggest movement in earth history, and these brave people help tell a tale everyone needs to hear!”

Bill McKibben

Founder 350.0rg

“Successful social movements always have a small number of deeply-committed people willing to take extraordinary risks. The Race offers a frank look at some Americans who have chosen to place their bodies at the "tip of the spear" in the fight for climate justice. Their courage, and their resolute optimism, is inspiring.

Denis Hayes

Founder of the Earth Day Network

“There is still time to prevent catastrophic climate change. This powerful film shows how each of us can use our voice and our actions to save this planet from destruction. Watch it and be inspired to make a difference.”

Michael Mann,

Author of The New Climate War

"The huge personal risks people are taking every day to save our planet from toxic fossil fuel interests pulsates throughout The Race To Save The World. The courage of the climate activists featured - young and old - gives goosebumps. Story-telling, litigation and civil disobedience are essential to creating a greener, healthier and fairer future for all."

Jennifer Morgan

Executive Director of Greenpeace International.


The Race to Save The World has won best documentary at the Soho International Film Festival, and it also won best documentary at the Indian Cine Film Festival in Mumbai. It was accepted into the Paris International Film Festival and the Dumbo Film Festival (Dumbo as in Brooklyn). It was also accepted into the Cannes Independent Film Festival, the North Dakota Environmental Film Festival, and the London Eco Film Festival. 

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