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Song of Sosa
Custom motorcycle craftsman, Cristian Sosa, explains his work process and philosophies
The Pilgrimage
What happens when a group of women combine a motorcycle ride with a spiritual quest? Over two days on Vancouver Island, these women found out.
The Litas
Gevin Fax is the oldest member of the women motorcycle collective, The Litas, through which she shares her story and love of the the road.
Fighting MSA | Austin Crawford's Story
Facing Multiple System Atrophy, a devastating neurological disorder with no known cure, Austin Crawford fights to pay it forward and keep his head in the wind.
Fast Eddie
At the age of 94, WWII veteran and AMA Hall of Famer Ed Fisher still rides everyday, and even continues to race as an amateur. His lifelong passion for motoculture serves as both an inspiration and glaring symbol of living life to its fullest.
The Duchess of Speed
After hanging off the side of her father’s 1968 BMW sidecar shortly after getting her license, Marja Elisat began racing motorcycles. And though she enjoys life as a student, she is often busy on the weekends at the race track or to be found at home working on the family’s collection of vintage bikes, like the1969 single-cylinder 350cc Ducati she races in the German Historic Championship and the Klassik Trophy.
The Boomerang
Peter Muurman has ridden his Ducati 998 through 51 countries and racked up nearly 100,000 km in the process.
Women in Film, Live Q&A Panel
Join us for a live conversation with Brenna Eckerson (Fast Eddie) and Lori Lozinski (The Pilgrimage) along with a panel of other female filmmakers behind this year's films.
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PUSHING BOUNDARIES, 79 minutes total run time

"Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes…" – Steve Jobs

Seven individuals who have pushed and are continuing to pushing the limits, whether as motorcyclists, artisans, or community builders.


Song of Sosa, Directed by Cam Elkins

United States | 7 min

The Pilgrimage, Directed by Lori Lozinski

Canada | 13 min

The Litas, Directed by William Desena

United States | 7 min

Fighting MSA | Austin Crawford's Story, Directed by Phil Gioja

United Sates | 15 min

Fast Eddie, Directed by Brenna Eckerson

United States | 11 min

The Duchess of Speed, Directed by Tiziano Niero

United States | 11 min

The Boomerang, Directed by Tiziano Niero

United States | 15 min

Custom motorcycle craftsman, Cristian Sosa, a metalworker in Las Vegas explains his work process and philosophies while building a new custom motorcycle.

Director Statement

With Song of Sosa, I really wanted to explore Cristian's creative process and avoid the usual technical aspects that go into building a custom motorcycle. In doing so we find what drives him and what he continues to search for instead.

Director Bio

With the success of his internationally acclaimed and multi-award winning web-series "Stories of Bike", Cam is now a sought after director and producer of emotive, story driven video content.


Cam Elins is a TMFF alumn, having is films FASTER and SURVIVOR screened at TMFF 2018.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    7 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Premiere
  • Director
    Cam Elkins
  • Cast
    Cristian Sosa
  • Cinematographer
    Cam Elkins
  • Editor
    Cam Elkins
  • Music
    Jack Elkins