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US Virtual 48 - Premiere Screening Lineup

  • “Secret Sauce” from False Take Films (Fish Out Of Water)
  • “Displaced” from Shark Berries (Time Travel Movie)
  • “Danse Noire” from Void where prohibited (Film Noir)
  • “The Real Slim Rainbow” from Team Banzai (Superhero & Musical)
  • “Mortal Earthlings” from The Strangers (Sci Fi)
  • “SuperCircle” from The Beached Whales (Social Commentary & Superhero)
  • “What a Bloody Good Time” from Theater Kids (Mockumentary)
  • “Hope's Three” from Minnie Driver’s Many Mini Drivers (Action Adventure)
  • “Open House Daycare” from Swordview Studios (Fish Out Of Water)
  • “No Fences” from King Of Hearts Films (Drama)
  • “Bank Holiday” from Sh.. in the Dirt Films (Comedy & Holiday Film)
  • “Top Ten Epic Fails ” from Rush Studios (Fantasy & Multi Generational Film)
  • “Getting With The Program” from J.Kap Productions (Horror & Mystery)
  • “Cowboy in Character” from Boinky Spunge (Western)
  • “Code 13” from Top Ten Productions (Dark Comedy & Coming Of Age)
  • “Graveyard Shift” from Exile Films (Social Commentary)
  • “Misophonia” from Green View Films (Thriller Suspense)
  • “Thicket” from 48 special (Action Adventure)