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CONVERSATION: Black, Bold, and Brilliant - Blax-sasperation Edition

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Stream began November 13, 2020 1:30 AM UTC
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A Black led community discussion with panel members on Blax-sasperation. That feeling in the black experience when all exasperation is exhausted through the clips of Spike Lee. It’s “sick and tired, of being sick and tired” - tired. We’ll be discussing the state of the nation and how black folks can endure blax-sasperation as we wrap up 2020 and move forward through this pandemic, fight for racial justice, and post election state of affairs. Without a lens other than our own, what's next, and what is our path to opportunity, power and self reliance.

Black Bold Brilliant: Blax-sasperation Edition will feature clips from Spike Lee films. He's the master film maker on Blax-sasperation and we'll guide our panelists through a discussion touching on the clips we choose.