Viet Film Fest 2021

Private Press Screener: Người Cần Quên Phải Nhớ (What We Forgot to Remember)

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Visual Communications is a proud Community Partner for Người Cần Quên Phải Nhớ (What We Forgot to Remember).

Đỗ Đức Thịnh' romantic-comedy film, Người Cần Quên Phải Nhớ (What We Forgot to Remember) focuses on Loan (Hoàng Yến Chibi), a journalist who learns about her father’s sudden death in a mental asylum. This event sparks Loan's suspicion, spurring a personal investigation for the truth. During her investigation, Loan meets Binh (Trần Ngọc Vàng), an amnesiac criminal. Loan pretends to be a psychiatrist in order to trick Binh into discovering the truth behind her father's death, and yet she falls in love with him. But, the question remains: who killed her father and did Binh play a role in his death?

The film conveys themes of familial affection, specifically fatherhood and love. Its comedic, mystery, and action elements blend together to help advance the film’s characterizations and the posthumous father-daughter relationship, a rare familial dynamic in Vietnamese cinema. The decision to have Đức Châu mental asylum as the primary setting is an audacious decision, and, in a way, serving to highlight the miscommunication between parents and children. Loan's relationship with her father is depicted through her narration and flashbacks imparting themes and messages that appeal to Vietnamese culture’s primacy of familial ties. Besides fatherhood, the film depicts Binh and Loan's romantic love through their complementary colors, purples and yellows. Their relationship gradually grows to become a harmony of two confused and lovelorn souls, a connection formed from a mutual understanding and sympathy. Despite past tragedies in their lives, the film celebrates life itself and the value of love.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    110 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Director
    Do Duc Thinh
  • Screenwriter
    George Ding
  • Producer
    Charlie Nguyen
  • Cast
    Hoang Yen Chibi, Tran Ngoc Vang, Huyme, Karen Nguyen
  • Cinematographer
    Nguyen Ngoc Cuong
  • Editor
    Vu Hoang Anh
  • Sound Design
    Aurae Studios