Viet Film Fest 2021

Private Press Screener: To Be Vietnamese in Western Europe

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An exploration of what it means to be Vietnamese in Western Europe. Quan 13, Translation of Silence, and The Nodey Process - whether in narrative or documentary form - investigate and celebrate the presence of those of Vietnamese descent who have made their homes in Paris. The only non-French film in this set, Amputated Asscheeks, takes place in Hamburg, Germany, and draws delineations between Vietnamese-Germans of different generations.

Quan 13 explores the Vietnamese diaspora in Paris told through the lens of food.  

  • Year
  • Runtime
    15 minutes
  • Language
    English, Vietnamese
  • Country
    France, United States
  • Director
    Hieu Gray
  • Screenwriter
    Hieu Gray
  • Producer
    Hieu Gray
  • Cinematographer
    David Woo
  • Editor
    Richard Van
  • Sound Design
    Stephen Warner
  • Music
    Bao Vo