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Virulent: The Vaccine War explores the history and consequences of vaccine hesitancy and denial. It’s a war anti-vaccine activists have been fighting for decades. And COVID-19 is what they’ve been practicing for: A national conversation about vaccine safety and mandates.

We put a human face on scientists and others in the trenches, including:

  • Dr. Paul Offit, one of the world’s preeminent virologists and the project’s medical advisor
  • Dr. Peter Salk, polio inventor Dr. Jonas Salk’s public health expert son
  • Arthur Caplan, PhD, who founded NYU’s Division of Medical Ethics
  • Kevin Roose, the NY Times columnist who writes about how disinformation spreads online
  • Ethan Lindenberger, the student activist who had himself vaccinated against his parents’ wishes

The film also shines a harsh spotlight on leaders of the anti-vaccine movement, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who disseminates bad science to Black Americans who hold the Kennedy name in high esteem.

Virulent: The Vaccine War is an invitation to think again, exposing the myths and laying bare the facts about vaccine science, its history, and what it will take to eradicate the world’s most deadly diseases.

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    87 minutes
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    United States
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  • Director
    Tjardus Greidanus
  • Screenwriter
    Tjardus Greidanus
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    Laura Davis & Tjardus Greidanus
  • Executive Producer
    Mark Jonathan Harris
  • Cinematographer
    Tjardus Greidanus
  • Editor
    Tjardus Greidanus
  • Composer
    Gary Lionelli