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The world premiere of 10 films on the mental health impacts of burnout climate change. Produced through the Voices With Impact grant fund, we're happy to share these beautiful shorts for change alongside keynote speakers, youth speakers, as well as performances from Sirintip, Malaika Kegode, Cobra Collins, Thanya Iyer, Buddy Wakefield and AJJ.

Films screening

Dreams of The Ravaged

Breech Asher Harani (Hybrid Documentary, Philippines)

Three young Filipinos recollect their experiences during and after the three of the most fatal super typhoons in the Philippines. 

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The Plastic Horror

Shenuka Corea (Animation, Sri Lanka)

A family sits over a takeout dinner, noticing the amount of plastic containers at the table plunges the young child into a sea of anxiety, overrun with pollution.

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Ethical Consumption

Cassidy Civiero (Narrative Live Action, Canada)

A person goes to great lengths to get rid of their trash.

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Carbon Traces

Stefie Gan (Mixed Media Animation, USA)

Overconsumption in all forms has led to an imbalance. As humans grow more disconnected from their environment, they face an existential crisis and strive to restore the balance.

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Beyond The Soil

Jaime Jacobsen & Eric Forbes (Documentary, USA)

A poetic documentary exploring the emotional impact of climate change on farmers and ranchers who are on the frontlines of Colorado's megadrought in the Rocky Mountain West.

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Are you hungry? 

Rachel Rose & Belen Garcia (Narrative live action, Canada)

What’s the best way to train an athlete? It’s a question the star basketball player of her varsity team is forced to confront. A film about the need to win, ARE YOU HUNGRY? explores the wounds and crisis of this pursuit through the relationship between a player and her Coach.

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On Burnt Horizons

Hao Zhou (Experimental, China / USA)

A youth drifts around a rural town as intergenerational voices attempt to define his horizons. Burned out from this relentless struggle, the youth pursues and confronts an apparition of the voices, with determination to follow his own path.

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The Otter

Randy Kelly (Documentary, Canada)

The Otter is the story of Freddie, who, in the midst of burnout, explains some of the contributing mental health factors as she struggles to find the road to recovery.

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Out Beyond

Salman Alam Khan (Narrative Live Action, Pakistan)

Ahmed wants to follow his passion, but lives in a family that does not support his ambitions. Afraid to express his true self, he finds the only space in the house where he can be himself.

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Fortune Cookie

Fu Yang (Stop Motion Animation, Taiwan / USA)

A fortune-cookie-head tries to find his destiny beyond a dark and desperate situation, but first Cookie must find a way past the creature that blocks his path.  

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All 10 brand new films from Voices With Impact 2023, live performances, guest speakers and filmmaker panel.


Dreams of The Ravaged by Breech Asher Harani (The Philippines)

The Plastic Horror by Shenuka Corea (Sri Lanka)

Ethical Consumption by Cassidy Civiero (Canada)

Carbon Traces by Stefie Gan (USA)

Beyond The Soil by Jaime Jacobsen & Eric Forbes (USA)

Are You Hungry? by Rachel Rose & Belen Garcia (Canada)

On Burnt Horizons by Hao Zhou (USA/China)

The Otter by Randy Kelly (Canada)

Out Beyond by Salman Alam Khan (Pakistan)

Fortune Cookie by Fu Yang (USA/Taiwan)

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    195 minutes
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    United States
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    Voices With 2023