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Responsible use of The OLIVE Collection requires facilitated conversation and mental health support for participants. We encourage you to hold space for yourself and others using the guides provided.

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About The Program

Since 2012, Art With Impact (AWI) and California’s Mental Health Commission (MHSOAC) have been building the OLIVE Film Collection, the world’s largest and most diverse library of short films about mental health.

This collection of short films focuses on .

It is suitable for viewers high school age and above.

These films are intended to create conversation.

Each five-minute film let’s viewers into a specific emotional world that sparks unique, personal reactions.

Each film has numerous possible connections with viewers.

We encourage you to hold space for yourself and others by using the guides provided above.

After each film our logo will appear, white on black, here you can pause the program to reflect on the film if you are watching alone or to share a discussion prompt if you are watching with a group or class. Just press play again when you are ready to move forward. Take care.

Mind Matters by Josef Adamu is a short film displaying the silent suffering many individuals experience during their depressive episodes.

As important as this topic may be, it is often overlooked especially amongst the Black male community. We decided to voice our perspective through this powerful short film.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    5 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Awards
    AWI's OLIVE short film competition
  • Director
    Josef Adamu