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70 Years Young
A short documentary, about refusing to let your age keep you from doing what you love.
We are bound to the choices we make. What goes around comes around. A take on the legacy of ocean pollution.
Bye Bye Bridges
With the arrival of Brexit, a couple who emigrated to Scotland are afraid that in the near future they will have to change their destination again.
A young woman, visits her oncologist to get the analysis of the tumour recently detected in her chest. What looks like a good news for her doctor, feels (very) different to her.
As a girl drops from the sky onto a crowded beach, a mysterious man drives at breakneck speed towards her.
An exploration of imageries and experiences born out of one's subconscious.
Eden is blinded by her love for Rory. The two are completely inseparable and their love for each other is irrevocable. Rory, blinded by life, is revolved around music, until Eden was thrust upon him.
Based on a Whimsical Anecdote of mine, this is about an experience which I encountered, when unknowingly, moving into a house, infested by fleas.
Folie Marty Me
Melissa waits anxiously in the funeral parlour to say goodbye to her twin brother Marty the Magician after his heart-breaking and untimely death.
Grandad: Lost in Translation
A family-loving grandad wants to live his final years to the fullest, however, his day to day life is now a struggle since our society has become heavily tech-orientated.
A meditation on the state of humankind today. We imagine a museum or gallery, a repository of history and learning. This is filled with sculptural representations of humanity, designed to illustrate the best and worst aspects of ourselves, and functioning as an honest reflection of global society. Modern subjects are mixed with classical sculptural forms, and the suspended animation of sculpture kindles poignant evaluation of our current position on humanity’s short timeline. Subjects balance positive and negative, with themes of love, death, war, learning, ingenuity, destruction, classical history and technology all featuring, approached in a spirit of seriousness and honesty.
In the Eye of the Beholder
Maurizio is a young university student living in Zurich, with a passion for diseases. Unlike many others, he can see an inherent beauty in them. After all, what difference can exist between a flower and an infection, if they are both a gift of nature?
The epic poem 'The Argonautica' by Apollonius of Rhodes in the 3rd century consists of thrilling encounters and it survives in various forms.
A cleanup robot goes wrong.
Short animation exploring humankind's legacy once we leave Earth.
March of the Potguins
Two penguin salt and pepper pots embark on an epic journey across the kitchen surfaces.
At least fourteen veterans and serving soldiers took their lives during the six weeks this documentary was in production. This is Nathan's story.
Ouzo and Blackcurrant
Two old friends take a trip down memory lane, but they are not alone – there’s someone there who never left.
Vickie Black is young and hungry, though working as a maid in London, she has her sights set far higher - After successfully landing an interview for a prestigious job at an age-old, unscrupulous organisation it looks like Vickie might be on the verge of hitting the big time.
In the near future, large corporations have the power selling medication at extortionate prices that only the 1% can afford. The rest don't qualify and are left to fend for themselves. Oscar works for one of these companies. His mother is dying but despite his best efforts he is unable to retrieve a vile from the labs to cure his mother. Through his tests and research he believes he has an affordable solution of the cure. He is just missing one ingredient Astragulus. He must battle the elements and survive in the wild to attempt to find and deliver the cure.
A couple enter new territory.
Raccoon With Bitcoin
A jammed elevator, a Raccoon and his Bitcoin. Among Flamingos, the Raccoon who lost his Bitcoin in chaos, goes after Flamingos.
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Reading Gaol
Based on Oscar Wilde's "The Ballad of Reading Gaol", Reading Gaol focuses on Oscar's time in prison after being convicted of "gross indecency" for his relationship with lover Alfred Douglas.
Rude Sleeping Beauty
This is the real story of Sleeping Beauty, as told by S. R. Witch.
Sincerely Yours
When school starts again after the holidays in a Stockholm suburb, a teenager with mental illness that endured bullying far too long, decided not to show up in class, but instead plans his revenge against his bully classmates.
Silence in this solitude
Madeline Gillies is so in love with the charismatic Isla that she would do anything for her, even sharing her peculiar faith in a pagan goddess which involves criminal acts.
The latest news about our world disrupts a young Mum's sleep.
St George and the Dragon
A family of medieval entertainers perform the legend of 'St George and the Dragon' for the local townsfolk.
Stories We Tell Ourselves
As a young filmmaker embarks on her next project, her mental health deteriorates: and the lines between fiction and reality become increasingly blurred.
Sum of its Parts
Sum of its Parts follows the journey of mysterious forest creatures that move to the beat of the music. The film is an exploration of stop motion animation made in a natural setting. It was animated entirely outdoors in the Hudson Valley of New York.
Tell Me
After losing his father, Rudy has lived in a residential care home for people with learning disabilities. Everyday Rudy yearns for his father and the music they shared. As his sadness deepens he tries to find the song his dad used to play him.
The Celluloid Woman
There is a loss of feeling . A loss which cannot be put into words . There was something lost when something was replaced by something new. Celluloid woman is a short peek into the life of an archivist who surprise you with her discipline with the medium often coming to an open conflict with the filmmaker. This conflict may tickle your funny bone. It's also of imprinting the life of a person who helped us see things in beauty. It's also a tribute to all the stars who never imprinted themselves. We present to you --- Celluloid woman.
The Guard
A troubled female guard experiences her inner demons come to life during her night shift at a storage facility.
The Hunt
At the height of wild western period, a town is falling to a bear like no other. When all hope is lost, Lars, Marlon, and Ethan, three of the greatest hunters that ever lived join the hunt after finding a reward poster for $5000. Our heroes also happen to be selfish, out for themselves, and greedy, which can be mistaken for bravery. These men go hunting for a bear, but discover something far worse.
The Quiet
When an astronaut ponders on the quietude of space, he comes upon a startling self-realisation.The truth is written in the stars, but what will he uncover?
The Way
A brother and sister travel the country selling the cremated ashes of their recently deceased father who was a minor spiritual guru.
An unflinching look at the consequences of unchecked domestic abuse, which claims the lives of three women each week, in the UK alone.
To the Dusty Sea
Left alone in the deepest of the summer, Malo and Zoe are trying their best to catch their mother's elusive eye.
We are Family
Exploring the bond between the members of the group 'Somos a Familia'
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A short documentary, about refusing to let your age keep you from doing what you love.

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    United Kingdom
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    Frank Berry
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    Kiara Shaundice Cottle, Frank Berry