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BLACK EXODUS is a visualisation of what the black community looks separated from the structure of racism. Exploring what the black community needs to do in order to achieve healing and a utopia/community strong enough to combat its internal issues. Its aim is to empower the black community and encourage them to imagine a world where they become their own standard of beauty and aspirations. Using the richness and pain of their past to engineer their futures. Creative activists, who are on the front line of the pursuit, discuss the initial conversations needed to achieve this black utopia, focusing on topics around healing, the role of men and women in the community, Ancestry, Faith an spirituality, the acceptance of black queerness in the community and death and rebirth.
  • Year
  • Runtime
    16 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United Kingdom
  • Director
    Daniel Bailey
  • Cast
    Kelechi Okafor, Andre Bright, Jarel Robinson-Brown