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Eve, is a middle-aged black-British barrister, living in Bristol. Her mother, Girlie, has just moved into a Dementia care home, which Eve and her sister Natasha feel responsible for, as Girlie is the only black resident there. But because Girlie worked for forty years as a nurse’s assistant in the UK, she believes she is still working. She happily attends to the needs of the other residents, even their toilet duties! 

While the care home manager is trying to unsuccessfully deal with Eve’s concerns about her mum not fitting in, an altercation occurs between Eve and a resident’s wife. They find her husband in the toilet with Girlie and she believes her intentions are very questionable!

Afterwards, on the journey to the courthouse, Eve's guilt is magnified when she recalls leaving her mum behind in the cold, colourless environment, with no cultural references.

When she arrives at the courthouse, there’s a crowd outside protesting about her current case involving the deportation of Windrush immigrants. Eve quickly phones her sister Natasha with a plan for Girlie. As she gets out of her car, Eve is accosted by a reporter. She is resolute that justice will be done.

In the care home, Eve and Natasha are redecorating Girlie’s room in West-Indian style, with lots of colour and pictures from the past. Delighted, Girlie in a lucid moment, shares with her daughters about how hard it can be to fit in and how they need to wear many hats in order to succeed.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    10 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United Kingdom
  • Director
    Michelle Pascal
  • Screenwriter
    Michelle Pascal
  • Producer
    Euella Jackson
  • Executive Producer
    Anne-Marie McCormack
  • Filmmaker
    Michelle Pascal
  • Cast
    Anne Lyken-Garner, Antonette Clarke-Akalanne, Nadia Williams, John Samuels