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The hedonistic world of pirate DJs Chris and Caz is shattered when a close friend is killed while cruising in the local park. The black community suspect the National Front, but the police pull Chris in as a suspect.

This beautifully crafted period piece, a bold and stylish debut feature from Isaac Julien, paints a convincing picture of late-'70s London. The city is a carefully mapped out social landscape, open to all but offering safety to none, as we are taken to a Dalston barber, east London council estates festooned with Union Jacks, West End offices, soul clubs and city parks.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    105 minutes
  • Language
  • Director
    Isaac Julien
  • Screenwriter
    Isaac Julien, Paul Hallam, Derrick Saldaan McClintock
  • Producer
    Nadine Marsh-Edwards
  • Executive Producer
    Ben Gibson, Colin MacCabe
  • Cast
    Valentine Nonyela, Mo Sesay, Sophie Okonedo
  • Cinematographer
    Nina Kellgren
  • Editor
    John Wilson
  • Production Design
    Derek Brown
  • Composer
    Simon Boswell