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So Many Ideas Impossible To Do All
Mark Street’s mixed media experimental short uses footage shot by filmmaker Barbara Hammer of an encounter she had with Jane Brakhage, as well as letters Hammer wrote to Brakhage, as the basis of a meditation on their relationship.
Hannah's Video
Told in one beautifully grainy take and featuring two wonderfully naturalistic performances from young actors, Hannah’s Video tells the story of two high school students creating a video in memory of their recently deceased music teacher.
News from Nowhere
Two panning shots, voiceover, and the sounds of crickets and cicadas capture the warm feelings of a summer afternoon in News From Nowhere, Ben Balcom’s beguiling follow up to last year’s Garden City Beautiful (WFF ‘20).
A Sad Story About a Tree
In this visually rich and uniquely personal video essay, Anders Nienstaedt connects with, and retells, Hans Christian Andersen’s story, “The Fir Tree”, which Nienstaedt refers to as, “the saddest Christmas story ever written.”
Shot with an appropriately nostalgic Hi8 Camcorder, 04 employs extreme tonal shifts to tell a story about two teens spending an afternoon making a short film.
Former Sinners of the Future
Static images, Super-8 footage, and director Drew Durepos’ singularly matter-of-fact voiceover narration combine to tell a circuitous narrative that touches on themes of impostorism, aging, and addiction.
Closed captions available
Erosion Project
A dance film that makes use of one of the most unique buildings on the UW - Madison campus: the George L. Mosse Humanities building. A tribute to its stark brutalist architecture, the film combines haunting choreography and a harsh, industrial-techno score to capture the coexistence of the natural human form and the bare concrete exterior of the building.
Rah-Rah Riley
A hapless freshman creates a video to explain why she deserves a spot on the women’s basketball team at Columbia University.
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Eight selections from our Wisconsin's Own slate that are not tied down to any one media format or aspect ratio. These filmmakers won't be boxed in by anything other than their own imaginations.

Mark Street’s mixed media experimental short meditates on the relationship between filmmaker Barbara Hammer and Jane Brakhage. Street combines footage shot by Hammer of an encounter she had with Brakhage along with excerpts from letters Hammer wrote to Brakhage. (PL)

  • Year
  • Runtime
    11 minutes
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Mark Street, Barbara Hammer
  • Screenwriter
    Barbara Hammer
  • Editor
    Mark Street