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7 films in package
Filmmaker Lori Felker employs a mixture of cinematic tools to convey her physical and emotional turmoil in this alternately humorous and harrowing first-person recounting of the time she had a miscarriage while attending the Sundance Film Festival. Come for the well observed personal memoir, stay for the surprising celebrity cameos.
Blood Runs Out
A fresh, modern take on the vampire story, featuring a woman surviving off of the menstrual blood of her friends, who suddenly realizes her supply is dwindling. Ultimately, this is a surprisingly charming tale of selflessness that tackles its extreme subject with a light touch.
Hear Me Sometimes
An experimental short, lush with beautifully textured images and sounds, addressing themes of motherhood, loss, expectation, care, and legacy.
Exit Strategy #5
Filmmaker Kym McDaniel uses a variety of artistic media to paint a strikingly honest and personal portrait of the search for identity while confronting emotional and physical traumas and reckoning with a complicated parental relationship.
A tragic summer romance set against the backdrop of the beautiful Texas countryside, Ashes is a bittersweet meditation on how grief and regret can intertwine and how we can choose to move past these feelings, or live alongside them.
The Coronavirus lockdown as navigated and narrated by a three year-old girl who spends her alone time raising butterflies. A bit of blissful respite during the pandemic.
Not You
Lori Felker bookends her essayistic short, Spontaneous, with this wonderfully discomforting examination of life with a toddler. Starting with a chronological series of vignettes before focusing on an awkward encounter with a neighbor/babysitter, Not You is Felker’s funniest/eeriest short since Discontinuity (WFF ‘14).
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Seven remarkable and diverse films from our Wisconsin’s Own slate that tell stories by and about women.

UW-Madison student Wallner’s vampire story features a woman surviving off the menstrual blood of her friends who realizes her supply is dwindling. This is a surprisingly charming tale of selflessness that tackles its extreme subject with a light touch. (JF)

  • Year
  • Runtime
    7 minutes
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Gracie K Wallner
  • Screenwriter
    Gracie K Wallner
  • Producer
    Gracie K Wallner
  • Cast
    Gracie K Wallner, Ray Joy Stevens, Eden Walech
  • Cinematographer
    Gracie K Wallner, Elly Craig
  • Editor
    Gracie K Wallner
  • Music
    Esperé Eckard-Lee