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Five years in the making and filmed across 9 countries, the feature-length documentary WILD DAZE depicts the dire threats facing African wildlife. Since human beings are dependent on nature when we work to save nature and non-humans, we are really working to save ourselves. This powerful cinematic call to action demonstrates the dire challenges facing species who depend on biodiversity, including our own. Created by director, writer, producer Phyllis Stuart, narrated by 3X Emmy Award-Winning actor Keith David and scored by Emmy winner Lolita Ritmanis, WILD DAZE premieres in a virtual cinema release Friday, September 18 and runs through October 25h. Through interviews with conservation experts ranging from Dr. Jane Goodall to wildlife trophy hunters, filmmaker Phyllis Stuart explores the relationship between international crime cartels, colluding government officials, animal poaching, the illegal ivory trade, cattle barons and human beings, as she examines how rampant corruption complicates the fight to save species nearing extinction. Since human survival hangs in balance, we must decide whether we see ourselves as superior, entitled consumers or as a part of a delicate ecosystem. In the film. Dr. Jane Goodall establishes the existential crisis when she says: “How come that the most intellectual species to ever walk the planet is wiping out the other life forms, is destroying ecosystems? Because this, in the end, is going to lead to our destruction. So, we destroy these animals at our own peril without thinking of the future of our own species.”

  • Year
  • Runtime
    104 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Premiere
  • Rating
  • Note
    Some images may be upsetting to sensitive or young viewers.
  • Director
    Phyllis Stuart
  • Screenwriter
    Phyllis Stuart
  • Producer
    Eli Weiss
  • Executive Producer
    Cecilia DeMille Presley, Andrew Sugerman
  • Co-Producer
    Eli Weiss
  • Filmmaker
    Phyllis Stuart
  • Cast
    This fast-paced and richly stitched documentary, employing mesmerizing visuals driven by Keith David’s commanding narration, and fueled by dozens of engaging experts like Jane Goodall, Andrea Crosta, Will Travers and Azad “Oz" Ebrahimzadeh, trophy hunters and displaced indigenous African forest peoples.
  • Cinematographer
    Dave Summers
  • Editor
    Yumeng Cheng, Ting Yu
  • Animator
    Cliff Nielsen
  • Composer
    Lolita Ritmanis
  • Sound Design
    Scott Crisp
  • Music
    Lolita Ritmanis