2020 Workers Unite Film Festival

COVER/AGE Q&A Panel - Oct 14th

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The Affordable Care Act explicitly denies undocumented immigrants access to healthcare. While laws in California have now made healthcare available for undocumented young people, undocumented adults continue to be excluded. COVER/AGE follows an elderly caregiver and a policy advocate in the campaign to expand healthcare to include all people, regardless of immigration status or age.

EMMA​ is a breast cancer survivor and caregiver who has over a decade’s worth of experience serving the elderly and has taken on some of the most heart-wrenching care work with compassion, understanding and patience. Her hard work paid off as she was honored with the Caregiver of the Year award in the Home Care Rising Summit in 2014 and in 2017 received the Outstanding Caregiver award from the agency she worked for. Originally from the Philippines, she is an active worker leader and has organized with domestic workers across the U.S. (many of whom are immigrants) in addition to being a professional home care worker. Emma is a mother and grandmother who enjoys spending her free time eating out with friends, shopping, and video chatting with her family abroad.

ALMAS SAYEED is the Deputy Director of Programs at the California Immigrant Policy Center (CIPC) where she manages communications, policy, government affairs and organizing aspects of the organization’s campaigns and research.

Almas joins CIPC with over 15 years of experience as an economic justice and anti-poverty advocate. Her work focuses on the critical intersection of organizing, litigation and policy development on behalf of low-income communities of color. Prior to joining CIPC, Almas served as General Counsel and Policy Advisor at the National Domestic Workers Alliance where she led campaigns to combat policies harmful to low-wage workers and immigrant communities. Almas was also a Skadden Fellow with Los Angeles’s Inner City Law Center, leading eviction defense work and multi-plaintiff slum housing litigation on behalf of low-income tenants. Before her work as a lawyer, she worked as an analyst with the Senate Banking Committee, and the Joint Economic Committee, in Washington D.C., and served the federal office of the New York Governor under two administrations. Almas also brings a wealth of experience managing, and staffing, electoral and ballot measure campaigns.

SET HERNANDEZ RONGKILYO​ (director, producer, editor, writer, cinematographer) is an undocumented immigrant filmmaker and community organizer whose roots come from Bicol, Philippines. ​Set serves as the Impact Videos Producer at the California Immigrant Policy Center where they create videos and short documentaries that advance grassroots messaging for migrant justice campaigns. Their practice is rooted in the belief that cultural strategies can propel political transformation but, to do this, directly-impacted people must embrace the agency and empowerment to tell their own stories authentically.

Since 2010, Set has been involved in organizing efforts around migrant justice issues such as education equity for undocumented students, deportation defense, driver’s licenses, and healthcare access for undocumented Californians. More recently, they have also been part of creating the Undocumented Filmmakers Collective to tackle the inequities faced by undocumented filmmakers, building upon the media organizing of many other undocumented leaders. Set’s short films have been televised, featured, and awarded in film festivals across the U.S. Set is currently working on film projects that explore the criminalization of immigrant communities, as well as the connection between immigrant rights and disability rights.

More info: https://caimmigrant.org