2020 Workers Unite Film Festival

Veins of Resistance Q&A Panel - Oct 16th

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As Chile prepares to vote October 25th on whether to call a constitutional convention to rewrite the nation's Pinochet dictatorship era constitution, Veins of Resistance premieres, taking us to the streets as social movements unite in the years leading up to this pivotal moment for Chilean and Mapuche self determination.


Weaving together frontline narratives from people facing the inter-generational traumas of a CIA-backed coup, Indigenous genocides, and forced migrations, the film raises pressing questions. What happens when students in over 200 high schools vote to occupy their own schools and use them as protest camps for the semester to demand free quality education? How does it feel to take back your families' Indigenous territory from a multinational company? What does it mean to be a working mother while serving as the volunteer treasurer for a committee made up of 104 families in an urban land occupation, seeking to help each other save the money to move from their hand built shanty towns into public housing together?

JOSHUA TUCKER (Director) is an Alaskan journalist and filmmaker who has been reporting from Chile since 2015. His work has been published by Discovery Channel, Democracy Now!, FSRN, the Alaska Public Radio Network, the Anchorage Press, National Native News, Unicorn Riot, and the Real News, among others.

“I spent five and a half years making Veins of Resistance to open a window for people to learn through empathy and experience, by taking audiences inside organized occupations demanding free education, Mapuche Indigenous land rights, and dignified housing."

SEBASTIAN COLARTE is the composer and conductor of the original score for Veins of Resistance. He has been there throughout the collective process of making the film over the last five-plus years and has much to say on these topics.