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It’s Laneice’s first day on a new jobsite. Despite her experience and know-how, it’s clear that the men on her new crew see her as a joke, a token, and a threat. Although an accomplished carpenter — Laneice is about to “journey out” and just needs a few more hours to complete her apprenticeship — her new foreman Wayne assigns her “grunt work” while favoring his less-skilled nephew. Laneice must navigate not just assumptions about race and gender, but construction politics to prove her worth and when a crucial task goes wrong, she must decide if she’s going to step up or step aside.

Inspired by the doctoral thesis of Dr. Roberta Hunte entitled "My Walk Has Never Been Average: Black Tradeswomen Negotiating Intersections of Race and Gender In Long Term Careers in The United States".

  • Year
  • Runtime
    21 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Dawn Jones Redstone
  • Screenwriter
    Dawn Jones Redstone and Kjerstin Johnson
  • Producer
    Roberta Hunte
  • Executive Producer
    Roberta Hunte and Dawn Jones Redstone
  • Cast
    Sidony O'Neal, Joshua Rice, Scott Mullin, Terry Lybecker, David Knell, Jocelyn Seid
  • Cinematographer
    Kia Anne Geraths
  • Editor
    James Jones
  • Composer
    Katie Sawicki of The Cabin Project