2021 World Wildlife Day Film Showcase: Forests

Tiny World - Woodland

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Tiny World - Woodland is a finalist in the Living Forests Long Form category sponsored by HHMI Tangled Bank Studios

Plimsoll Productions

In a remarkable mini drama, we take a closer look at life in a deciduous forest through the eyes of its smallest inhabitants. The forest is full of incredible tiny animals, whose lives are all remarkably intertwined with each other and the rapidly changing seasons. In a nearby log, a woodland mouse is still hibernating but when she wakes, she’ll have her own challenges to overcome and an incredible super power to unleash. Her neighbors are no less astonishing. There’s a colony of ants that are so small that their entire society fits inside an acorn. Challenges are everywhere, from hungry turkeys stalking the forest floor, to a deadly young goshawk fledging above. With the start of fall, all eyes focus upwards as the goshawk takes flight, revealing her astonishing aerial abilities. With winter fast approaching, we catch-up with the chipmunk in his mad dash race to collect nuts and finally win his territory. 

  • Runtime
    30 minutes