2021 World Wildlife Day Film Showcase: Forests

Moss Man

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Tilapia Film, Topic Studio

Deep in the swamps of Louisiana, money grows on trees for Adam Morales. But, as a Spanish moss collector, he is the last of his kind. Spanish moss hangs like a beard from the ancient cypresses and live oaks of Louisiana. Before the advent of synthetic fibers, it was used to stuff furniture and picking it used to be a Cajun way of life. But now, the only demand left is for boutique decorative purposes and there is only one man remaining in Louisiana doing the work. And it is solitary work. Drifting down the bayou through the ancient forests outside of Pierre Part, Louisiana, Adam Morales is accompanied only by his whistling and the sounds of the swamp. Speaking to God in Cajun French, Adam is a connection to the past when the fierce descendants of Acadia were driven south and found a way to thrive in the heat and peril of Louisiana’s now disappearing marshland. 

  • Runtime
    3 minutes