2021 World Wildlife Day Film Showcase: Forests

Kingdom of the Polar Bears

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Kingdom of the Polar Bears is a two-part documentary special that tells the heart-warming tale of a mother and her two cubs as they make the arduous and dangerous 80-kilometre trek from their birth den under the snow to the ice of Hudson Bay. This high-stakes, high-emotion adventure puts an intimate lens on the life of this extraordinary mother as she teaches her cubs to survive in one of nature’s most difficult, unforgiving and quickly changing climates.

Leading this remarkable journey is veteran polar bear guide Dennis Compayre. Dennis has lived his entire life among polar bears and, on the precipice of retirement, his last mission is to follow the bears onto the ice to understand first-hand how polar bears are surviving.

In episode one, Dennis, takes us on a remarkable journey providing a rare and intimate glimpse into the world of a polar bear mom and her newborn cubs as they leave the safety of their den for the first time and learn to survive in the changing frozen landscape of Canada’s North.

In episode two, Dennis Compayre travels by snowmobile to witness the many dangers a mother polar bear and her two cubs face as they journey onto the ice to hunt seal and make the long and often dangerous swim back onto land. Along the way, Dennis finds surprising signs of new behaviours including evidence of polar bears eating hundreds of goose eggs, beluga hunting and stalking strategies that provide more insight into the remarkable adaptations polar bears are making to their diet.