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Yeh-Shen sets off on a hard journey to find a magic fish, prescribed by a doctor, for her seriously ill father. She does find the fish but it is too late for her father. After her father dies, Yeh-Shen has to live with her stepmother and stepsister, leading a rather gloomy life. However, Yeh-Shen becomes good friends with the little fish and together they manage to rescue the King when he is in distress. But the stepmother is very greedy and when she learns about the magic fish, she wants it and kills it. Yeh-Shen is very sad but the fish stays with her in different ways. Using its magic powers, the fish gives Yeh-Shen, beautiful shoes and dress and Yeh-Shen goes to the King’s party – A party where the kind as to choose his Queen! Afraid of being recognized Yen-Shen runs away from the Party. The King finds a shoe and the fish helps him to find his rescuer and perhaps...also his queen.

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    70 minutes
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    With English Subtitles